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English Exposures in BW Schools

Drs.Alamsyahby Alamsyah Harahap

Creating, improving, and conducting varied English activities in schools are important, useful and helpful for our children/students in responding to their further education, job market, and globalisazion. Having English competency for our students is our objective, but to achieve up to that level requires varied english exposures both in class and beyond class. In other word, school campus should not be seen as classes only but all the sites of it should be optimized as places for exposuring English activities as well.

Meanwhile, English lesson should not be treated conventionally and classically, but it should be run in various and enjoyable ways plus covering broader areas than classes. Some creative ways or activities done in BW2 schools are good examples to enrich and strengthen English exposure, students joy and competency in English. They are visiting native speaker, english competitions (speech and debate), English Day, English Conversation Club, daily simple english expressions, etc. conducted during the school year.

In BW2 Schools, additional English hour as conversation class is delivered regularly on weekly base; it is part of compulsory BW School Curriculum from grade/class X to XII. Other regular English activities on yearly base are English debate and speech competition,and visiting native speaker. These last two activities have just taken place few weeks ago as this article is written.

Obviously, students could participate and enjoy English and the atmosphere, so do the teachers when it is organized and delivered through a variety of different English activity. Therefore, BW2 schools expectedly can reach the genuine english athmosphere soon. Through that motivating english environment in schools, we could further expect that our students english competency will improve significantly during their study in BW2 school.

Conversely, the school institution and teachers should not be too satisfied early but keep digging and trying hard to create other possible english activities which are possibly created and conducted in class, school campus, and even beyond school area for our children/students' success. English activity should be dynamic, creative, refine, and renew to keep update with the change of the language itself, and more importantly for the learner needs.

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